Statement of “The International Forum for a Nuclear Free World”

Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Communion in Japan; hereafter, “NSKK"), at its 59th (Regular) Synod in 2012, in a resolution “Seeking a World without Nuclear Power Plants," and again in the same year, at the "Mission Conference of NSKK, 'The Dignity of Life'," clearly expressed its position on the issue of nuclear power generation.

To embody this position, the Communion convened the “International Forum for a Nuclear-Free World” at Sendai Christ Church and Moniwa-so, Sendai, from May 28 to 31, 2019. Sixty-eight participants in all gathered together, including lay participants and clergy (including Diocesan Bishops); participants from Anglican/Episcopal Churches of England, the United States, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines; members of the National Christian Council in Japan Peace and Nuclear Issues Committee; members of the NSKK Justice and Peace Committee; the Secretaries of the NSKK Provincial Office; the Organizing Committee of the Forum; and stewards.

For the keynote lecture(held at Sendai Christ Church and open to the general public), “Messages from Germany, which has drastically shifted its energy policies”, Dr. Miranda Alice Schreurs from Germany was invited. The second lecture, “Per Crucem Ad Lucem (Through the Cross to the Light); Voices of sufferers and prayer in calamity,” was delivered by the Reverend Naoya Kawakami.

After this, messages were received from the Right Reverend David J. H. Lai of Taiwan, the Reverend Kim Kisuk of South Korea, and the Reverend Makito Aizawa of Japan, after which, through two rounds of group sharing, participants had times of learning and conversing, so as to better be able to seek a nuclear plant free world.

Now, all Forum participants adopt the following Statement and issue this appeal.
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2019.07.19 | 「原発のない世界を求める国際協議会」実行委員会

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